Why I’m happy Adams has re-signed

imagePhoto by Dean Woolley

The Sheffield Steelers announced this morning that Gerard Adams has signed a contract for him to stay as Head Coach for the next two years.

I’m pretty sure that every Steelers fan is thrilled by this news. We’ve all seen the difference that G has made in the short time he’s been with the team, and lifting the Playoff Trophy was just the icing on the cake. It’s time to start believing we can do even better next year.

But I’m happy for another reason as well.

Over the last year, we’ve seen interviews with the players – after both wins and losses – but there has always been an undertone of disappointment in their voices, as though no matter what they did, it still wasn’t quite good enough.  But the interviews from the last few weeks have been very different. I know they’ve been winning games and that puts a different perspective on things, but they’ve all seemed so much happier.

There’s been a lot more talk about “we” rather than “I” and a lot more smiles.

I know it’s likely that I’m protecting my own feelings here, but when you listen to the guys talk recently, they seem more in love with the game than they did earlier on in the year.

So if G signing back on keeps the Steelers smiling, that’s almost good enough for me.


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