Goodbye, Jeff Legue

So the rumours that have been floating around the internet for at least a week have finally been confirmed.

Jeff Legue is leaving the Sheffield Steelers and heading to the Sheffield Steeldogs of the EPL.

While this is extremely disheartening news for Steelers fans, who have had the pleasure of watching Jeff regularly for the last 7 seasons, his reasons for doing so are completely understandable.  He wants to spend more time with his family – which playing in the EPL as opposed to the EIHL will allow – and he feels that he’s maybe getting a little too old to compete in the EIHL.  In addition, the Steeldogs have offered him a 3-year contract, which can only provide more stability than a year-on-year extension does.

For the Steelers, Jeff will be hard to replace.  Not just his 70+ average points per year, but his personality and leadership that have helped make the team so successful.   For me personally, Jeff was one of the first players that I took notice of when I started going to the games.  His speed and determination on the ice made him a force to be reckoned with, and he often stood head and shoulders above his opponents, despite his relatively short stature.  He’s always been extremely friendly and forthcoming with the fans, and will be missed as much for that as anything else.

Like the vast majority of Steelers fans, I wish Jeff nothing but the best with the Steeldogs.   I’ll miss him in Orange, but I know he’s doing what’s best for him.


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