Goodbye, Steven Goertzen

This is my second goodbye post in the last few weeks, and I’m already fed up with them.  Please, Steelers, don’t let any more of our boys go.  I can’t handle it.

But anyway, this isn’t going to be a detailed, in depth blog post.  It’s just a little goodbye from me to my favourite EIHL player.

download.phpThe first thing I did when I decided to support the Steelers was to go through the roster and learn what I could about who the players were and where they came from.  All of the guys had pretty good stats, but the Captain, Steven Goertzen, stood out.  And when I discovered he’d played for my beloved Carolina Hurricanes (and their AHL affiliate, the Albany River Rats), the deal was sealed.

I found myself watching for him on the ice whenever we went, following the #18 intently.  He is a pleasure to watch play, and I truly believe he was instrumental in helping the Steelers lift the playoff cup this season.

I want to say something deep and meaningful about him leaving the Steelers and heading to Coventry, but I can’t.  I know he’s made the move that is best for him and his family, but Sheffield won’t be the same without him. Coventry are getting one hell of a player.

So, Steven, on the off-chance you’re reading this, Thank You.  I wish you and your family all the best, and hope that you get everything you deserve.


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