Women’s Trophy Weekend 2014

Edited 25/05/2014: Added in results from Day 1 of the weekend

Are you missing your regular fix of live hockey?  Fear no more!

On the weekend of 24th/25th May, there is an amazing weekend of the best in UK women’s hockey, right here in Sheffield.  And best of all, it’s completely FREE!

After some hard fought battles, the top 4 Women’s Premier League (WPL) teams have now been finalised, along with the top 4 Women’s Division One teams.  Plus, there is an added bonus of the final Under-16 game between the two best junior teams in the country.  WPL teams taking part are Bracknell Queen Bees, Kingston Diamonds, Guildford Lightning and Slough Phantoms.  In Division One, we have Cardiff Comets, Coventry Phoenix, Swindon Topcats and Whitely Squaws.  The Under-16 teams are from Bracknell Queen Bees and Kingston Diamonds.

Don’t forget, this is an entire weekend of women’s hockey, FOR FREE, at IceSheffield.  10 teams.  9 games.  3 winners.  Why wouldn’t you be there?

Saturday 24th May 2014

Division 1 semi-final: Whitley Squaws vs Cardiff Comets (12-0)
Division 1 semi-final: Swindon Topcats vs Coventry Phoenix (1-0)
Premier semi-final: Bracknell Queen Bees vs Guildford Lightning (4-3)
Premier semi-final: Kingston Diamonds vs Slough Phantoms (6-0)

Sunday 25th May 2014

Division 1 3rd/4th place game: Cardiff Comets vs Coventry Phoenix @ 10:35am
Premier 3rd/4th place game : Guildford Lightning vs Slough Phantoms @ 12:20pm
Under-16 Girls final: Bracknell Queen Bees U16 vs Kingston Diamonds U16 @ 2:05pm
Division 1 final: Whitley Squaws vs Swindon Topcats @ 3:50pm
Premier final: Bracknell Queen Bees vs Kingston Diamonds @ 6:05pm

The official twitter account for the weekend is @EIHATrophyWknd and I’ll also be there tweeting updates. If you’re going and want to say hi to me, please do so!


8 thoughts on “Women’s Trophy Weekend 2014

    1. carolinakaniac Post author

      Hi Dave,
      Sadly, I doubt it. I’ve not yet seen any of the women’s games being streamed yet.

      I’ll ask around though, and if I’m wrong, I’ll let everyone know.


    1. carolinakaniac Post author

      I’m not sure who I’m rooting for yet – this will be my first time seeing any of the women’s teams. I’m just going to wait and see who attracts my attention most on the day!



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