UK Weekend Hockey Fixtures (week ending 25/05/2014)

I’m discovering more and more hockey leagues in the UK.  While it means more work pulling this fixture list together, I’m loving it!

As a note, it was getting too messy adding in the locations.  So from now on, the first team listed is always the home team.  If you’re interested in watching any of these games, I recommend contacting them and checking where the game is being held.

Special shout out to the Coventry Honeybadgers who are playing on Saturday, with our friend Paul from ChasingDragons on the team, and to RAF team who has two games this weekend, RAF Bluewings!

British Hockey Conference
Friday 23rd May: Chelmsford Mischiefs vs Cardiff Bay Lightning @ 17:30

British Sledge Hockey Association
Saturday 24th May: Cardiff Devils vs Kingston Kestrels @ 16:15

British Universities Ice Hockey Association
Friday 23rd May: Manchester Metrostars B vs Flintshire Phantoms (EIHA) @ 22:30

EIHA Juniors
Saturday 24th May: Lee Valley U-14 vs Cardiff U-14 @ TBC
NOTE: This is a double-header, with two games being played.  I think.
Sunday 25th May: Coventry U-10 vs Bracknell U-10 @ 16:15
Sunday 25th May: Solent & Gosport Fareham U-16 vs Isle of Wight U-16 @ 19:00

EIHA Rec League
Saturday 24th May: Nationwide Knights vs Milton Keynes Hurricanes @ 22:45
Saturday 24th May: Whitley Bay Sharks vs Streatham Nightwolves @ 00:15
Saturday 24th May: Tyneside Jesters vs Streatham Nightwolves @ 12:00
Saturday 24th May: Solent Vikings A vs London Legion @ 17:00
Saturday 24th May: Streatham Chiefs vs Chelmsford Nighthawks @ 17:00
Saturday 24th May: Blackburn Falcons vs Cleveland Comets @ 18:00
Saturday 24th May: Solent Vikings B vs Basingstoke Raptors @ 19:15
Saturday 24th May: Don Valley Vikings vs Milton Keynes Jesters @ 21:15
Saturday 24th May: Chelmsford Chargers vs Bracknell B52s @ 22:15
Saturday 24th May: Whitley Wildcats vs Streatham Nightwolves @ 22:30
Saturday 24th May: Swindon Panthers vs RAF Bluewings @ 17:00
Saturday 24th May: Coventry Honeybadgers vs Cardiff Eagles @ 16:15
Sunday 25th May: Blackburn Buccaneers vs Tyneside Jesters @ 18:00
Sunday 25th May: Kingston Cobras vs Widnes Wildcats @ 18:00
Sunday 25th May: RAF Bluewings vs Medway Madness @ 20:55

EIHA Women’s Premier League
No games scheduled

EIHA Women’s Division One North
No games scheduled

EIHA Women’s Finals Weekend
Saturday 24th May: Whitley Squaws vs Cardiff Comets @ 12:15
Saturday 24th May: Swindon Topcats vs Coventry Phoenix @ 14:00
Saturday 24th May: Bracknell Queen Bees vs Guildford Lightning @ 15:45
Saturday 24th May: Kingston Diamonds vs Slough Phantoms @ 18:00
Sunday 25th May: Bracknell Ice Bees U-16 vs Kingston Diamonds U-16 @ 14:05
Sunday 25th May: Semi-finals and finals games TBC

Elite Ice Hockey League
No games scheduled

English Premier League
No games scheduled

National Ice Hockey League
No games scheduled

Standard disclaimer: All information has been gathered from sources online and I make no assurances.  As always, I recommend you contact the team(s) in question if you’re making a special journey to watch them!


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