Women’s World Championships 2015

I know that it’s not been long since we watched Team GB Women collect their silver medals in Italy, but today brought some great news for next year’s tournament.

The 2015 Women’s World Championships (Division 2A) are going to be held in Dumfries, Scotland, with Great Britain as the host nation.  Running from Monday 30th March to Sunday 5th April, this will be the fourth IIHF tournament held at Dumfries Ice Bowl.  Coming to join Team GB will be Kazakhstan (recently relegated from Division 1B), Korea, Poland, New Zealand and Croatia (promoted from Division 2B).

Aside from the obvious home-ice advantages this offers – primarily the increased number of GB supporters who will be able to attend – there is at least one other major bonus that I can see.

Holding an international tournament like this will, hopefully, bring the watchful eyes of the mainstream media to Dumfries.  We’ll be able to show people that there is more to ice hockey than just fights and goons; that it is a sport to be taken as seriously as any other in this country (and maybe more seriously than others!).

And when our women lift their gold medals – which I have no doubt they’ll do – and get promoted up a division, we’ll all be able to watch the ceremony on TV and see the photos in our newspapers, instead of being limited to Twitter updates and second-hand reports.

We have 10 months until it starts, so while we let the players work on the winning aspect, the rest of us can work on getting the attention of the media to this fantastic opportunity!


As an addendum, the 3 of the other 4 venues that affect Team GB have also been confirmed:

  • GB Men’s Senior team will head to Eindhoven for the Division 1B tournament
  • GB Men’s Under-20s are going to Tallinnfor their Division 2A tournament
  • GB Men’s Under-18s are also off to Tallinn for their Division 2A tournament
  • The venue for GB Women’s Under-18s Division 1 Qualification hasn’t yet been confirmed

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