New Steeler: Michael Forney

Photo by Paul Kelly [Shutter Speed Designs] via

Photo by Paul Kelly [Shutter Speed Designs] via

The announcement of Michael Forney to the Sheffield Steelers was one that didn’t get a huge amount of interest.  Later announcements seemed to grip the fans’ attention a lot more.  But the more I read up on Forney, the more excited I’m becoming about being able to watch him on the ice.

Brief bio:  He’s 26 years old, plays left wing, and was drafted in 2006 to the now defunct Atlanta Thrashers.  While he never played an NHL game, and hasn’t played lot of AHL games, he has more than proven himself in the ECHL with an impressive 222 points (87 Goals 135 Assists) in 253 games.  During the 2012-13 season, he was playing in Australia for Perth Thunder of the AIHL and was pretty well received over there, recording 47 points (11 Goals, 36 Assists) in only 16 games.  Last season he split his time between three different leagues, playing for Villacher SV in Austria, Sparta Sarpsborg in Norway and Arizona Sundogs of the CHL, helping take the latter two teams to their respective playoffs.

Those are certainly not figures to be ignored.

I’ve seen nothing but good reports about him, both as a player on the ice, and as a person off it.  He seems to be an outgoing, friendly guy, who is happy to talk to the media – something I’m hoping continues as I’d like to see more of our players being interviewed during the season.

This video from the Colorado Eagles is a little best-of montage that shows some of the sweet-looking goals that Forney has scored.  If we can get a few of those from him, I’ll be pretty happy.

I will, however, admit to being a little amused by the two nicknames that Forney has acquired: Magic Mike, or The Fornicator.  Although my absolute favourite fact that I have discovered about Forney though is that he and his team apparently appeared in D3: The Mighty Ducks!

In conclusion, I think he’ll be a great addition to the team (I’ve already sponsored his gloves for the upcoming season – here’s hoping he won’t be dropping them too much!), and I’ll leave you all with this.


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