Sheffield Teams

Once I started looking into it, I discovered just how many teams there are in Sheffield (which is the most local place to me for ice hockey), and I was astonished.

So, in order to make it easier for people to follow them all, I’ve started this page to keep track of them.  If you know of a team I’ve missed, or have contact details that I don’t have, please let me know!

EIHL: Sheffield Steelers [Website] [Facebook] [Twitter]
EPL: Sheffield Steeldogs [Website] [Facebook] [Twitter]
WPL: Sheffield Shadows [Website] [Facebook]
NIHL: Sheffield Senators [Website] [Facebook] [Twitter]
NIHL: Sheffield Spartans [Website] [Facebook] [Twitter]
WNIHL: Sheffield Shadows Div 1 [Website] [Facebook]
WU16: Sheffield Shadows Under 16s [Website] [Facebook]
BUIHA: Sheffield Bears [Website] [Twitter]
BSHA: Sheffield Steelkings [Website] [Facebook] [Twitter]
EIHA Juniors: Sheffield Samurai Under-10s [Website] [Facebook] [Twitter]
EIHA Juniors: Sheffield Lasers 12A [Website] [Twitter]
EIHA Juniors: Sheffield Swampfrogs 12B [Website] [Twitter]
EIHA Juniors: Sheffield Stormers 14A [Website] [Twitter]
EIHA Juniors: Sheffield Sabres 14B [Website] [Twitter]
EIHA Juniors: Sheffield Rapiers 16A [Website]
EIHA Juniors: Sheffield Greyhounds 16B [Website]
EIHA Juniors: Sheffield Steelhawks 18A [Website] [Twitter]
EIHA Juniors: Sheffield Scorpions 18B [Website]
Rec League: Sheffield Blazers [Facebook] [Twitter]
Rec League: Sheffield Ice Tigers [Website] [Twitter]
Rec League: Sheffield Mavericks [Website] [Twitter]
Rec League: Sheffield Squeelers [Website] [Facebook] [Twitter]
Rec League: Sheffield Vipers [Twitter]

Sheffield Ice Hockey Academy [Website] [Facebook]
IceSheffield [Website] [Facebook] [Twitter]


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